Mr. Rawr is the main character of the whole episode. He was appeared in a bush while Red Riding Hood approach it and try to use a spray to the Big Bad Wolf. Mr. Rawr then proceeds to eat her along with the Big Bad Wolf himself. Until then, he is met with Coco telling about his problem. Then Doctor Lollipop makes an appearance to help Mr. Rawr. Doctor Lollipop investigates the problem and then tells Mr. Rawr that he has severe tummy-aches due to living things inside his belly messing around with it. Then Doctor Lollipop had to to do surgery to Mr. Rawr. Nurse Crackers makes an appearance and Mr. Rawr tries to eat her but then Nurse Crackers told him not to. After that Doctor Lollipop then calls his assistant Dr. Woodsman for the surgery. Dr. Woodsman then uses his axe to cut open the lines of Mr. Rawr's Belly and Doctor Lollipop finishes by doing a kick to Mr. Rawr's belly to free the living animals along with Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. Then Mr Rawr is repaired and now feeling better.

Appearance Edit

Mr. Rawr is a lime green Velociraptor with yellow eyes with red pupils and some dark green markings on the head, back of the neck, cheeks, back, and the knees.

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